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12 x 15 Picture frame style plaque can me displayed on a table top or hung on a wall. Back is removable for easy arrangement of pins. Will hold one Birkie medal and up to 39 pins. Designed and created by local Birkie partner Apple Awards.


Customer feedback tells us that due to changes in production technique and vendors over the years some of the older pins may not sit in a straight line like the photo shows. The back closures are also not consistent on all of the older pins and some do not slide on far enough to hold tight when put through the metal of the plaque. Some of these pins have a small dot of metal coming from the back of the pin to act as a spacer before the closure. It is possible to bend, or file this little bit to make them fit better. Apple Awards has read these notes and will see if they can figure out an adjustment. There is no way to change the individual pins from over the years so that variety will be part of your unique display. Each individual skier may have earned their pins at different times so no display will provide a picture perfect arrangement but that is part of the history you have achieved over years of participating in the American Birkebeiner, be proud of your achievements!

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